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We are a husband and wife team with a passion for animal rescue. What started out as volunteering with several local dog rescue groups, has evolved into a strong passion with a purpose. Many people adopt animals every day, unfortunately there are still way too many that don't make it out of shelters. That's where rescue groups come into the picture. Rescues save thousands of animals per day and on limited resources. In doing so, they must also spend money on things such a leashes, collars, beds, etc. All the things that animals need. We have created Furever Needed in an effort to provide rescues, and those who support rescue efforts, with an opportunity to purchase such products at a discounted rate, in turn, giving back to the cause. Money saved by reducing cost of products needed in order to care for animals, is then able to be reinvested into the rescue organizations we work alongside. As humans, we need animals. And animals need us. That is why we are Furever Needed.